7 Year Anniversary Gifts for Parents

The 7th year of marriage is reputed to be a lucky year as the number 7 is often associated with good fortune, however it is also linked with the 7 year itch. That means when your parents have reached their 7th wedding anniversary it is time to present them with 7 year anniversary gifts for parents that bring a message of love and appreciation as well as celebrating the love that exists between the happy pair. When it is time to choose a 7th wedding anniversary gift there are lots of options to pick from depending on the tastes of your parents. Do they love traditional presents, or contemporary ones? Would flowers be appreciated or perhaps something a little more unusual? You can mix and match from any of these inspirational suggestions and come up with a token that will be a lasting memento of this happy day and will be cherished for a lifetime.

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

Silver-dipped natural rose

  • Real rose dipped in pure silver and it has a bright and radiant mirror finish.
  • An iconic symbol of devotion and eternal love that will endure a lifetime.
  • The rose is presented in a navy-blue velvet.

Price: £129

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24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

Gold-dipped natural rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: £129

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Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

Platinum natural rose

  • A real rose dipped in pure certified platinum.
  • A double-sided authenticity certificate is included.
  • The worlds most recognised symbol of love, beautifully and artistically presented.

Price: £139

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Traditional 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

roses for 7th anniversaryLike lots of other anniversary years, the 7th wedding anniversary has a link with two different traditional materials that both have a symbolic relevance for this marital year. Copper and wool are the two materials linked with 7 years of marriage in the traditional early 20th century lists and while these may seem like strange ideas for presents, they have a deeper significance. Wool has long been known for its warmth and comfort, representing the cosiness of a 7 year long union. Giving a woolen present symbolises the way the couple find comfort in each other and reflects the warmth of their union. Copper on the other hand is a beautiful, strong and durable material, reflecting the long lasting nature and enduring strength of a 7 year long marriage. It is possible to find a range of gifts that capture these themes perfectly and that would be a memorable and thoughtful seventh wedding anniversary gift for parents. Taking wool as a theme, you could give a beautiful woolen blanket or pretty throw as a token of love and appreciation, or perhaps warm wool clothing such as sweaters, gloves or scarves which will receive plenty of practical use and yet have an attractive appeal. Luxurious wool lined slippers or boots are sure to be appreciated while any gift, decorative or functional, that is handmade by knitting or crocheting would be a heart-warming touch on this happy day. For copper gifts, why not give some delightful homewares such as a copper statue or piece of decorative wall art. Alternatively, for those who love cooking, some lovely copper cookware would be the perfect present for the 7th wedding anniversary.

Modern 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

If neither copper nor wool appeal to you as a gift for your parents on their 7 year anniversary, why not opt for the contemporary solution instead? Modern lists have linked desk sets to the seventh wedding anniversary, so why not take this as the perfect way to mark the day for your loved ones?

Floral Ideas for Seven Year Anniversary Gifts for Parents

yellow anniversary roseAs might be expected, the seventh wedding anniversary has a special flower associated with it – the freesia. This pretty blossom has its own deeper significance, holding a symbolic meaning of friendship and innocence which, within the context of a loving marriage, reflects the strong bond between the pair who are not just lovers but also the very best of friends. The freesia reflects the loyalty that has formed between the couple as they have learned to give and take for the success of their relationship. Giving a beautiful bouquet of delicate freesias is a lovely way to help your parents to celebrate on this happy day, or maybe you would prefer to give an arrangement of stunning roses, which are an accepted alternative to the anniversary flower for any year. Holding as they do a meaning of beauty and love, a bunch of roses, especially yellow ones which reflect the traditional colour of the 7th year of marriage, is sure to brighten the lives of your beloved parents. Perhaps you love the idea of giving yellow roses but would prefer a gift that is long lasting and memorable? Then a yellow glazed Eternity Rose is the ideal solution. Made by skilled craftsmen by hand using only the finest and most beautiful yellow roses, each bloom has been carefully and intricately glazed and then trimmed with a pure 24 karat gold edging resulting in a true work of art that is unique in every way. When displayed in its inclusive leather presentation case, this gift never fails to impress and will last for a lifetime as a talking point and family heirloom, reminding all who see it of the couple’s love. Alternatively, give this magnificent and luxurious rose blossom in conjunction with a pretty copper vase to embrace the traditional theme of this anniversary year.

Suggestions for Gemstone 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her and Him

If you need to buy a beautiful 7 year anniversary gift for parents, you may want to consider the traditional gemstone for this year of marriage, the onyx. Available in several colours, black is the most popular, representing the protection of a loving marriage. Why not give a stylish onyx necklace as a 7 year wedding anniversary gift for her or a pair of onyx cufflinks as a perfect 7th wedding anniversary gift for him to reflect the strength and enduring nature of your parents’ marriage.
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