Get Inspiration for 6th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

When your parents are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary, it can be tricky to come up with exciting ideas for gifts. Some parents have traditional tastes while others prefer presents with a more contemporary feel, and what do you get for the parents who already have everything? Whatever you give, you will want to choose something that is memorable and meaningful so that they know just how much you love them. Traditional 6th wedding anniversary gifts are either candy or iron, as both of these materials hold symbolic meanings for this anniversary year. As you might expect, candy represents the sweet nature of a loving marriage, while iron signifies the unbreakable bond which has been formed between a couple who have been joined in union happily for 6 years. If neither of these take your fancy, you could choose wood as the basis for your gift as this is the contemporary material associated with the 6th wedding anniversary. There is even a traditional colour and flower linked with this anniversary year meaning that you have a broad spectrum of choices to pick from to ensure that your parents will receive a gift that is really special to them and that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Gold Rose and Purple Jewelry Set

Gold-dipped natural rose and purple jewelry set in leaf theme

  • Twins an elegant purple pendant and earrings set with a lustrous 24 karat gold-dipped genuine rose.
  • A pendant encrusted with 30 radiant synthetic diamonds.
  • Includes a stylish leather display box for the rose together with a sleek velvet pouch to contain the jewellery.

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Purple Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

Purple glazed rose pendant in heart theme

  • Includes a glazed purple natural rose, along with a pendant and earrings.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with sparkling synthetic diamonds.

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Blue Matching Set

Blue glazed rose, pendant and earrings

  • It includes rose, pendant and earrings in leaf theme.
  • The jewelry set is decorated with 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • Protected by a lifetime guarantee supplied as standard.

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Traditional 6th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

If your parents have traditional tastes, a candy themed gift for their 6th wedding anniversary is a perfect choice. While a standard store-bought box of chocolates is uncreative and unoriginal, there are lots of other exciting candy ideas that they might enjoy. Order a box of retro sweets to take the couple back to their childhood, or seek out unusual shaped items such as candy pizzas or chocolate cookies. You could order a delicious gourmet chocolate hamper which combines exotic and tasty chocolate treats from around the world or even make up your own chocolate gift box with all of their favourites included. You could even go for a variation on the chocolate them by surprising your parents with a chocolate fountain or a bottle of chocolate flavoured liqueur. For true chocolate lovers, a chocolate tasting session, a visit to a chocolate factory or even a gourmet chocolate making class would be a wonderful way to explore the theme of this anniversary year in a way that the recipients will really love.

6 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her With an Iron Theme

you and i forever
As iron is a traditional 6 year anniversary gift theme, choose from an assortment of symbolic iron themed presents for your parents on this anniversary year. Enduring, robust and long-lasting, your iron gift is sure to be displayed proudly for many years to come and will really touch the hearts of the recipients. Iron homewares are always a great choice, from stylish wrought iron wall art to an attractive pair of candlesticks for the dining room, or from an antique iron wine rack to a pair of beautiful iron bookends. If she loves nothing more than rustling up culinary delights, a set of sturdy iron cookware will be the ideal 6 year anniversary gift for her, and if he enjoys nothing more than a round of golf, a new set of clubs would be the best 6th anniversary gift for him.
beautiful platinum rose

Choose Flowers as 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Every couple loves to receive flowers on their special anniversary day, so why not surprise your parents on their 6th wedding anniversary with a beautiful bouquet of stunning blooms. While you can feel free to select their favourite flowers and combine them in a gorgeous arrangement, you could also choose the special flower linked with this anniversary year, the Calla Lily. This simple yet elegant flower looks wonderful when hand-cut and tied into a stylish bouquet and is very reminiscent of a wedding bouquet, making it especially appropriate to give as an anniversary present. Alternatively, opt for a white theme as white is the special colour for the 6th anniversary. Roses are always popular as an anniversary token of esteem with their message of love and beauty, so present your beloved parents with a bouquet of white roses to mark this milestone occasion. For a rose that will last longer than a traditional bouquet, you could choose a white glazed Eternity Rose. Presented in its own stylish leather presentation case, this unique piece of art will be displayed in pride of place for years to come, its magnificent 24 karat gold trim making it a luxurious gift that will be genuinely appreciated by your parents. What better way to demonstrate your love and appreciation than with a gift that lasts a lifetime?

White Themed Sixth Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

romantic anniversary giftIf you like to have the freedom to choose from a huge range of present ideas for your parents on their 6th wedding anniversary, look instead to the colour theme for this marital year. The colour white is linked with the sixth wedding anniversary and therefore you could choose any type of white gift to surprise your loved ones. If your parents love to make their home look its best, some stylish white homewares such as fluffy towels, embroidered cushions or white decorative accessories would be the perfect sixth wedding anniversary gift for parents. If they like modern accessories, a lovely white miniature rose petal necklace from Eternity Rose with a matching gold-dipped multilink chain and sleek velvet presentation pouch is the ideal 6th anniversary gift for her, while he will love to receive some attractive white mother of pearl cufflinks.

gold poker cards as anniversary gift