30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Pearls or Diamonds

The traditional theme for a 30th wedding anniversary is pearls. A more modern theme is diamonds. Now you know that you’ve got a great place to start. However, you should also bear in mind that there is nothing that demands you should go with either theme when looking for 30th anniversary gifts for your dearly beloved parents.

Getting married is a substantial commitment to each, but unfortunately, nowadays, not as many marriages reach such significant milestones. All the more reason to celebrate your parents pearl wedding anniversary in style. Finding 30th anniversary gifts for your parents is going to take some time and a certain amount of careful thought. However, we have faith in you and are happy to offer all the advice and help you need to make your task successful.

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30th wedding anniversary gifts for such special people requires love and affection

30th anniversaryYou’ve been tasked with finding a wedding anniversary gift or gifts for your parents, and let’s face it, a little bit of panic has set in. The gift you’re looking for is for a genuine special couple that you care for and love a lot. Picking something at random from your local or online gift shop isn’t going to cut the mustard. To make the task a little easier, we’re going to give you some gift suggestions, starting off with the traditional theme of pearls.

Traditional pearl wedding anniversary gifts for parents

There are lots of choices if you’ve decided to go with the traditional theme of pearl. All of which will make them happy, and they are certain to treasure your gifts long into the future.

Pearl jewellery – This would be most appropriate for your mum, of course, and she’ll feel like royalty wearing a string of pearls. Matching earrings would perfectly compliment the subtle beauty and elegance of a necklace made of pearls. There are also bracelets, brooches and rings. You don’t want dad to feel left out, so why not buy him a mother of pearl business card holder or a cigarette case? If jewellery isn’t their thing then how about a watch for mum with a pearl strap, and for dad one that’s got a mother of pearl face.

Flowers with pearl in their name – Where would we be, when it comes to buying gifts for special occasions, without the beautiful rose. There are so many to choose from, and many have a great name, that make them the perfect gift for many important events. For your parents pearl wedding anniversary, how about the variety that is aptly named Pearl Anniversary?

gift for parentsA photo frame decorated with pearls – Time and time again we keep coming back to photo frames for anniversary gifts for parents. It’s hardly surprising though. They come in so many different colours, shapes and materials that it’s difficult not to suggest them as perfect anniversary gifts. The great thing about them is that can be personalised. Either with an engraving or printing or by adding a memorable photograph.

Other suggestions include:

  • Cufflinks with pearl detail.
  • Champagne glasses engraved and decorated with pearls.
  • Picture frame in which you can create a family collage, with pictures of your parents, one for each year.
  • Photograph album decorated with pearls.

Modern 30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

We’ve already mentioned that diamonds are the theme commonly used for 30th wedding anniversary celebrations, so of course you should consider some diamond jewellery. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, because as we all know diamonds can be very expensive. A single diamond can be far more elegant than a large cluster.

If diamonds are a little out of your price range then don’t despair, because you still have plenty of pearl wedding anniversary gifts for parents, that are neither modern or traditionally themed.

Throw them a dinner party and invite all their close family and friends. If you’d prefer, and you’re sure they’d be up for it, organise an elaborate party, with guests from near and far. There is a way that you incorporate the traditional theme into your dinner party, by serving oysters of course. You can use shimmering table cloths and pearlescent balloons for decoration.

Lilies are the flowers associated with a 30th wedding anniversary, and if you’ve got a couple of gardeners for parents, this wILL make a perfect gift for the garden. Every year they will enjoy the returning beauty of these gorgeous, sweet-scented blooms.

Why is pearl the traditional theme for a 30th wedding anniversary?

30th Wedding Anniversary GiftsIt’s all to do with how a pearl is created. It grows year upon year by creating individual layers, resulting in its beauty. Much like a marriage really. Every year a marriage grows, both in strength and understanding and of course love and beauty. After 30 years of marriage, such a union of two people will be a shining light long into the future. Pearls also come in a number of different colours, each one very individual, much like a marriage.

It’s likely that diamonds have been chosen as the modern theme for a 30th wedding anniversary, because pearls are often thought of as old-fashioned. We happen to think they are very elegant, and have a beauty all of their own.

With your parents 30th wedding anniversary just around the corner we’ve given you enough ideas to get your preparations under way. When another significant milestone is looming on the horizon, don’t forget to check in here and take advantage of some more helpful suggestions.