Celebrate Your Parents’ 21 Years of Marriage

As your parents enter their third decade of union, celebrate and applaud their achievement. Today, it is rare to have such a long lasting marriage and there this great success should be praised. No doubt you want to show your parents your love and appreciation at this important time, and while the 21st anniversary is not recognised as a key milestone year, unlike the previous year’s 20th anniversary , it is still vital to convey your loving sentiments for your parents by surprising them with anniversary gifts that are as thoughtful as they are meaningful. Choosing the perfect 21 year anniversary gift should not be too difficult as there are lots of exciting present suggestions that will not only be an enduring memento of the event but will also touch the recipients’ hearts. Whether you go for traditional or modern ideas, free your imagination and select a heartwarming, unique gift for a special pair.

gold poker cards as anniversary gift

Giving Your Parents Traditional 21st Anniversary Gifts

brass anniversary giftTraditional gifts are one fine way to demonstrate how much thought and effort you have put into choosing something really important for your loved ones for this special anniversary occasion. A gift which embraces traditional themes of this marital year bring symbolic meanings, representing a perfect way to express joyful sentiments for your parents. The traditional 21st anniversary gift is brass, which is a theme shared with the 7th anniversary year. As brass combines two metals together, forging them into one to improve their strength, so a brass anniversary gift reflects the joining of two into one, and reminds the pair of their individual qualities melded into one over the last 21 years into a thing of beauty greater than the sum of its parts, which is able to withstand the challenges and trials in its path. Beautiful and stylish, brass is also an excellent gift to surprise your parents. Featuring an attractive shine and enduring elegance, a brass twenty first anniversary gift stands as a lasting testament to the pair’s love for many anniversaries to come. There are many ideas for brass gifts, both obvious and unusual. A brass ornament or statuette for the home is one great choice, particularly for those who have a passion for lovely home décor, but there are lots of other good suggestions too. A couple with a passion for gardening will love a brass plant-sprayer, or perhaps some brass flowerpots, an ideal way to display favourite plants. Give the couple a brass photo frame, a set of brass mugs. a set of dominos with brass inlays or a chess set with a brass checkered board, any of which would be appropriate and thoughtful 21 year wedding anniversary gifts. Alternatively, for a twist on the theme, think outside the box and give your parents tickets to a brass band concert.

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24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

Gold-dipped natural rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
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Gold Rose and Purple Jewelry Set

Gold-dipped natural rose and purple jewelry set in leaf theme

  • Twins an elegant purple pendant and earrings set with a lustrous 24 karat gold-dipped genuine rose.
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Personal Brass 21 Year Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Sometimes you may prefer to give each of your parents a separate gift on the occasion of their 21st wedding anniversary and if so, there are many great ideas, many of which are meaningful yet inexpensive, ideal for those on a budget. Give a pair of matching key fobs made from brass, perhaps personalised with the names of your parents and your own special message, or perhaps a pair of brass pens, inscribed with the initials of the pair. Both gifts are practical and functional and yet appealing, receiving many years of use. Brass jewellery gifts are also a stylish and elegant solution. Brass cufflinks are a perfect 21st anniversary gift for him while a timeless brass necklace is sure to make an ideal 21 year anniversary gift for her.

Give a Traditional Gemstone Twenty First Anniversary Gift

The 21st anniversary has its own traditional gemstone associated with it, the unusual iolite. Taking its name from the Greek words for violet stone, this purple blue crystal was once used by Vikings to help them navigate, and now what better sentiments to wish the recipients of an iolite 21st wedding anniversary gift than the ability to navigate the stormy seas of matrimony safely and trouble-free? A pendant, bracelet or pair of earrings studded with this beautiful stone would make an ideal 21st anniversary gift for her.

Give Beautiful Flowers as 21st Anniversary Gifts for Parents

21st anniversary orange rose gift for momOne of the best ways to convey a message of love and appreciation to your parents on any anniversary year is to surprise them with a magnificent floral gift. A striking bouquet will lighten their lives and remind them once again of how much they are loved and admired by their family, and you can make the gift even more significant by choosing the specific blossom associated with that particular year of marriage. The 21st anniversary’s customary flower is the iris, a delicate and attractive flower that would look perfect in any anniversary bouquet, however you may prefer to choose the tried and tested rose instead, often a primary contender in any special occasion floral arrangement because of its beauty and links to romance and lasting love. Choose an orange flower that reflects the traditional colour of the 21st anniversary year, or opt instead for an orange glazed rose that will endure forever in its splendour. Eternity Rose has perfected the technique of preserving a natural rose blossom in all its beauty in a handcrafted process that turns nature’s elegance into an ornamental work of art. Each flower is trimmed with pure 24 karat gold forming a lavish display in its own prestigious leather case, ready to adorn any room of the marital home and create a lasting memento of this special time.