Find the Right 19th Anniversary Gift for Parents

Your parents may not be the easiest of people to find a suitable present for, especially on the occasion of the 19th wedding anniversary. No doubt over the last nineteen years, you have surprised them with all the classic anniversary gifts and now, you may be lacking in inspiration for something appropriate yet that will be appreciated. Only one year away from the twenty year milestone, it might be tempting to let this anniversary slip past without much ado, however you should not pass up the opportunity to remind your parents of how much you love and admire them and how much every year of their successful marriage means. Here you will find some inspiring suggestions to help you find something that your parents will really love this year. There are various ideas to select from, from the traditional to the floral, so either mix and match themes or select just one that will impress your loved ones.
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Giving a Traditional Nineteen Year Anniversary Gift

Traditions are always important, and many anniversary years have a very famous theme or symbol associated with them. Unfortunately, the 19th anniversary is not one of these key milestone years,bronze gifts and many people have no idea what the customary themes are that are linked with this marital year. Yet there are some standard themes that you can select from, and if you are creative you are sure to be able to find a way to capture these themes in a way that your parents will really appreciate. Bronze is the traditional material given on the occasion of the nineteenth wedding anniversary. Durable yet beautiful, it makes for some spectacular gift ideas for parents who appreciate decorative and stylish presents. A bronze ornament or statuette is probably the most obvious solution to the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift. Whether a petite figurine made from bronze that will look pretty on any mantelpiece or shelf or a much larger statue to grace the garden, there is sure to be something in a suitable design and size to delight your parents. Alternatively, for a more personal decorative touch, why not opt for an elegant bronze plaque, perhaps inscribed with the couple’s names and a personal message, poem or song lyrics that means something special to your parents? Or for a more cost effective, yet no less personal, present, a pair of matching bronze key fobs, engraved with a message of good wishes on this special anniversary year.

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Be Sure to Impress With a Jewellery Gift

Jewellery is often the way to convey a more personal touch to a 19th wedding anniversary gift, especially if you opt to go with the traditional bronze theme. Bronze jewellery has a lovely vintage appeal and classic appearance and is an ideal 19th anniversary gift for him or for her. A pair of monogrammed bronze cufflinks would look fantastic with any outfit for a man of fashion, while any lady would be delighted to receive a stylish bronze necklace with a retro touch. If bronze doesn’t appeal, why not go for the traditional gemstone for this anniversary year instead? Aquamarine is the classic nineteen year anniversary gift stone and with its subtle blue shading, a piece of aquamarine jewellery would be an ideal 19th wedding anniversary gift for her. Whether in a pendant, bracelet or set into a pair of gorgeous drop earrings, she is sure to delight in receiving such a timeless and stunning gift.

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Flowers Will Delight Your Parents on Their 19 Year Anniversary

19 Year Anniversary gift ideas - flowers for parentsIf you want to be sure that you have selected a 19th anniversary gift for parents that is a safe bet, flowers could be the perfect way to go. There are very few couples who would not love to receive a gorgeous floral display as an anniversary token of appreciation, and with so many varieties, colours and styles to choose from, there is bound to be an arrangement that will brighten your parents’ lives. Often, gift givers opt for the traditional flower that is associated with a specific anniversary year, however the 19th anniversary does not have any single blossom linked with it. While this may come as a disappointment, you should feel liberated that in fact you can now choose from a much greater range of floral varieties. Whether you choose to go with a single colour theme or a more eclectic range of shades, a single variety of blossom or a wilder assortment of different types, you have an entirely free reign when it comes to finding a bouquet that will touch your parents’ hearts. Perhaps you could recreate their wedding bouquet, or choose something that complements the décor in the marital home. Alternatively, why not go for the tried and tested option of a stunning bouquet of roses in their favourite colour. With their message of love and beauty, roses are a perennial anniversary favourite and your parents are sure to delight in receiving them. Impress your parents even more with a magnificent gift of a rose that last forever. Eternity Rose have created a range of striking and luxurious glazed roses in a host of shades from the traditional to the unusual, all formed by hand from a natural rose blossom. Trimmed with pure 24 karat gold and displayed in a prestigious leather case, there is no better way to demonstrate your love for your parents while giving them a thoughtful memento of their 19th wedding anniversary.