How to Find Great 17th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Once your parents have passed the milestone of the 15th wedding anniversary but have not yet reached the even greater event of the 20th anniversary, it can be tempting to let each marital year slip by without making much effort to mark the day, however each anniversary should be recognised as a time for celebration. While the 17th anniversary may not be as memorable or as famous as some other anniversary years, it is still the perfect opportunity to show your parents that you care deeply about them and to demonstrate that esteem and affection by presenting them with a gift that will mean the world because of its significance and thoughtfulness. Steer away from dull, generic presents that can be found in any store and instead seek out something more symbolic and more relevant for the happy pair on their big day. There is no shortage of ideas to choose from, including traditional materials, contemporary themes, floral gifts or gemstone jewellery. Mix and match or simply choose the one that your loved ones will like best and give a 17th anniversary gift for parents that will be genuinely appreciated.

Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

Platinum natural rose

  • A real rose dipped in pure certified platinum.
  • A double-sided authenticity certificate is included.
  • The worlds most recognised symbol of love, beautifully and artistically presented.

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Blue Matching Set

Blue glazed rose, pendant and earrings

  • It includes rose, pendant and earrings in leaf theme.
  • The jewelry set is decorated with 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • Protected by a lifetime guarantee supplied as standard.

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24k Gold-Dipped Poker Cars

Gold-dipped poker cards

  • A deck of playable poker cards dipped in pure 24k gold.
  • Each deck is produced to the highest tournament standards.
  • Each deck comes in its own cherrywood case and its own certificate of authenticity.

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Choosing a Traditional 17th Anniversary Gift for Parents

bouquet for wedding anniversaryTraditional gifts are always popular because they have a deeper relevance and significance to the specific marital year. Parents who appreciate classic themes are sure to enjoy receiving a traditional material present that demonstrates the thought and effort that went into selecting such a symbolic gift. On the occasion of the seventeeth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift should incorporate the theme of shells. Representing the great expanse of the sea, shells are like the couple’s enduring love, endless and vast and so they are a wonderfully expressive way to wish a happy anniversary to your parents at this special time. While shells may seem like a strange concept for an anniversary gift, there are several ways in which a shell themed gift can be given. Of course it is easy to find shell ornaments to adorn the marital home and any seaside town will have a wealth of these trinkets available for purchase.

With so many different types of shell to select from, there is an enormous choice of these decorative items, and they take many different forms from flowers to animals and from unusually shaped sculptures to abstract patterns. Shells are also an easily obtainable material and so you can easily make a personal, handmade 17 year anniversary gift for parents using this traditional theme. Decorate a trinket box or photo frame with shells and present it to the happy couple on the big day for a bespoke present made with your own hands for extra meaning. If you would like to really splash on out an extravagant gift for your parents to mark their wedding anniversary, you could arrange a special vacation for them to a resort known for its association with shells. Shell Beach in Australia would be a clever twist on this anniversary’s theme, or perhaps a trip to Sanibel and Captiva – also known as the Shell Islands.

Modern Solutions for a 17th Anniversary Gift

wedding annviersary present for parentsIf you think that shells are not quite to your parents’ taste, you could opt instead for the contemporary alternative which is furniture. A flexible and practical suggestion, there is a wealth of different furnishings to choose from, so select a piece that will complement your loved ones’ home décor or add an extra touch to their rooms, or go for an essential item that they have been needing for some time or that required replacement. Whether you go for a stylish bookshelf, an occasional table, a rustic rocking chair or a practical yet attractive ottoman, you are free to select anything that your parents will appreciate and your gift will stand testament to their love for years to come in the marital home.

Gorgeous Floral Seventeenth Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Beautiful flowers are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion, but especially an anniversary when a magnificent and impressive gift is truly called for. Show your parents how much they mean to you on the occasion of their 17 year anniversary by presenting them with a gorgeous bouquet of freshly cut flowers. A dramatic arrangement of brightly coloured blossoms will catch the eye and will brighten up the lives of the recipients and you can be certain that your message of love and appreciation will be perfectly conveyed through your choice of gift. The red carnation is the traditional flower linked with 17 years of marriage, imbued with deeper significance including the meanings of admiration, pride and friendship – all suitable sentiments to wish your parents on their big day. Give an arrangement made up solely of these bright and colourful blooms or combine them with other beautiful flowers for a more impressive display. If you would like to give a different type of flower, or a present that will endure for a lifetime, opt instead for the magnificent gift that is an Eternity Rose. A single natural rose blossom, handpicked and glazed by skilled artists, each piece is a one of a kind artwork that can be treasured for years to come. Intricately glazed and trimmed with a fine 24 karat gold edging, every flower comes in its own prestigious leather case so that it can immediately displayed in the home as a cherished focal point and lasting memento of a happy anniversary.

wedding anniversary gift - gold dipped rose