Meaningful 16th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

When your parents are entering the second half of their second decade of marriage, it is time to show them how much you love and appreciate them by choosing a gift that expresses your truest sentiments. A lovely 16th anniversary gift for parents is one of the finest ways to remind your parents of how much they mean all year round and so you need to find something a little more original and unique than the generic box of chocolates and instead look to these exciting suggestions for gifts that will be cherished and yet will delight the recipients. Whether your parents are the type to appreciate a traditional themed present or whether they have more modern tastes, there are plenty of ideas to inspire you here and whatever you choose is sure to be a thoughtful memento of this happy time in your parents’ lives, treasured for a lifetime.

Giving Silver Plate as a Traditional 16 Year Anniversary Gift for Parents

silver roseIf your parents are the type to appreciate the significance of a traditionally themed 16th anniversary gift, why not consider choosing the classic 16 year gift of silver holloware. Also known as silver plate, this is the perfect gift for any couple who love decorative yet functional items that can be displayed proudly in the home as an enduring testament to their love and a focal point that brings you to mind time and again over the years to come. Decorative silverware such as filigree trays or serving plates will look wonderful in a display cabinet but can also be used on special family events when you will be thought of fondly and this happy occasion remembered with pride. If your parents have a caffeine addiction, a silver teapot or coffee pot would be a thoughtful present while those who enjoy a glass of bubbly will be delighted to receive an elegant silver cooler, stocked of course with a bottle of their favourite type of sparkling wine or champagne so that they can raise a toast to 16 successful years of marriage.

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

Silver-dipped natural rose

  • Real rose dipped in pure silver and it has a bright and radiant mirror finish.
  • An iconic symbol of devotion and eternal love that will endure a lifetime.
  • The rose is presented in a navy-blue velvet.

Price: £129

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White Glazed Rose Earrings

White glazed rose earrings in 24k gold

  • Real miniature white rose petals combined with 24k gold creates these pretty earrings.
  • Each pair features 16 beautiful synthetic diamonds.
  • Intricately detailed, a lifetime warranty accompanies these earrings.

Price: £51

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Platinum-Dipped Natural Rose

Platinum natural rose

  • A real rose dipped in pure certified platinum.
  • A double-sided authenticity certificate is included.
  • The worlds most recognised symbol of love, beautifully and artistically presented.

Price: £139

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Silver Jewellery as a Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary Gift for Parents

If your parents are not the type to appreciate decorative homewares, they may prefer to receive a more personal gift on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. Why not consider giving each partner their own small silver gift to reflect the theme of the year in a more intimate way? A simple silver filigree locket would be the perfect 16th wedding anniversary gift for her while a pair of silver cufflinks, perhaps monogrammed with the pair’s initials and anniversary date would be an ideal 16 year anniversary gift for him.

Gemstone Gifts for 16 Years of Marriage

If your parents would love jewellery gifts, but with a little more colour or uniqueness than plain silver, why not add a twist to the silver theme by choosing silver set jewellery with a traditional gemstone inset? There are two traditional gemstones with links to the 16th wedding anniversary, peridot and golden topaz. While both are very different in colour, they are both stunningly attractive and would look great in a silver tie pin for him or a pendant for her.

wedding anniversary gift - gold dipped rose

Give Flowers as a Sixteenth Anniversary Gift for Parents

16th Anniversary GiftMost parents would love to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the occasion of any anniversary, and the 16th anniversary is no different. You can be sure that an elegant hand tied, freshly picked floral arrangement will never fail to impress and you can also convey a more personal message through this type of gift by using the ancient language of flowers. You can add a double layer to your anniversary gift by choosing the traditional flower linked with the specific anniversary year. If you want to give a traditional floral 16 year anniversary gift for parents, statice is the classic blossom associated with this marital year. Originating from the Mediterranean, this gorgeous flower is sometimes also known as the marsh rosemary or sea foam. Once only found in blue or purple hues, today it is available in a choice of other shades as it has been cultivated in yellow, pink and white varieties too. This flower has two meanings, and one of these could be rather problematic when it comes to an anniversary bouquet as it signifies remembrance and is often used in memorial wreaths. Nevertheless, it is generally considered to be suitable to give as a traditional anniversary gift because it has a second meaning which is success.

If you don’t want to risk upsetting your loved ones however, you could opt for a different anniversary flower with no such negative connotations. The rose is traditionally extremely popular on any anniversary year because it is so magnificent and beautiful with its meaning of love and romance. Delight your parents with a bouquet of roses this anniversary and brighten up their lives on this special date. Alternatively, if you would prefer to give a gift that lasts longer than a few days, the stylish Eternity Rose captures the essence of a stunning natural rose in a preserving intricate glaze that will enable it to last as an heirloom forever. Picked by hand, it is worked into a unique artwork by talented craftsmen and presented in a luxurious leather case allowing it to be easily displayed to its best advantage as an enduring memento of the 16th anniversary. Buy the lustrous silver-dipped rose and cleverly capture the spirit of the silver theme of this anniversary year.