Finding the Right 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

One of the traditional milestones in any couple’s lives together, the 15th wedding anniversary is a special time for your parents and is the ideal chance to show them how much you care. As this is a well known occasion for celebration, there are a lot of exciting ideas open to you for present ideas, so you are sure to find something perfect for your parents among the traditional, modern, gemstone and floral suggestions linked with this anniversary year. Surprise your parents with a 15th anniversary gift that will serve as a lasting memento, reminding them for years to come of the happiness of this special time in their lives.

24k Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

Gold-dipped natural rose

  • A natural rose dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • It perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Price: £129

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Purple Matched Set in Gold Heart Theme

Purple glazed rose pendant in heart theme

  • Includes a glazed purple natural rose, along with a pendant and earrings.
  • The pendant is fashioned in the shape of a heart.
  • Each jewelry piece is inlaid with sparkling synthetic diamonds.

Price: £199

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Blue Matching Set

Blue glazed rose, pendant and earrings

  • It includes rose, pendant and earrings in leaf theme.
  • The jewelry set is decorated with 30 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • Protected by a lifetime guarantee supplied as standard.

Price: £199

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Give Your Parents a Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift

crystal for wedding anniversaryWhen the original lists were drawn up during the first part of the 20th century, there was a traditional material linked with many years of marriage including the 15th anniversary. Crystal, with its symbolic meaning, is the present that should be given on this special occasion, and still today, this is a popular choice for traditional 15 year anniversary gifts for parents. The beautiful reflective surface of crystal reflects the beautiful nature of a successful 15 year long marriage, however the fragile nature of this material reminds couples that they must take care and pay close attention to working on their relationship as it could still so easily shatter just like its traditional symbol. You can choose from a wealth of different crystal gift options so you are sure to find something to match your parents’ own unique tastes. Homewares are always popular crystal gifts, being both decorative and functional at the same time. Beautiful crystal serving platters, fruit bowls, candlesticks and vases are always good choices and will look wonderful in any home. Or perhaps a stylish crystal ornament or figurine, carefully chosen to match the couple’s home décor? Crystal glassware will always be popular and will always bring you to mind every time your parents take a sip of their favourite drink. Crystal decanters and whisky glasses, champagne flutes or wine goblets are all ideal for toasting the celebrating pair on their special day.

Give Your Parents a Traditional 15 Year Anniversary Jewellery Gift

red_pendant_ukSometimes, you may prefer to give your parents a separate gift each to celebrate the occasion of the 15 year anniversary, and what better choice than a piece of traditional jewellery? There are lots of lovely crystal jewellery items to select from, and what better 15th wedding anniversary gift for her than a gorgeous crystal pendant, bracelet or earring set? Available in many different colours, it is hard to beat the beauty of a glorious piece of crystal jewellery which will glitter radiantly in the light. If you need to find the ideal 15th anniversary gift for him, a pair of crystal inlaid cufflinks may be the way to go, and they will complement any outfit. This is a great way to surprise your parents with a personal gift that can be worn for years to come but that still reflects the essence of the tradition of this anniversary year.

Blue Sapphire, the Traditional 15th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

If you love the idea of jewellery as the perfect fifteenth anniversary gift for her or him, another alternative is the traditional gemstone for this year of marriage, the blue sapphire. This is a particularly vibrant and attractive stone because of its bright blue colouring and with its luxurious look it is sure to impress the recipients. Traditionally, sapphires are said to protect the wearer from any harm and are supposed to represent romance and fidelity which makes them a great 15th wedding anniversary gift for your parents, expressing your sentiments and wishes for the happy pair on this important occasion in their lives.

Delight Your Parents With Traditional 15th Anniversary Gift Bouquets

anniversary gift ideas - rosesWhen thinking of 15th anniversary gifts for parents, it is likely that flowers feature highly on the list. The ideal way to express a message of love and appreciation, flowers are always beautiful and radiant, bringing cheer and happiness into the recipients’ lives, especially on an occasion as wonderful as an anniversary. Bring a second layer to your anniversary bouquet gift by opting for the traditional flower associated with this anniversary year – in the case of the fifteenth wedding anniversay, the rose. Magnificent and luxurious, a bouquet of roses never fails to impress any couple, and their associated meaning of romance, beauty and love makes them an especially relevant choice for this and all other anniversaries. Give a lasting rose gift when you choose the stylish glazed Eternity Rose as your fifteenth anniversary gift of choice for your parents. Made by hand by skilled artists, each gorgeous work of art is produced from a genuine nature rose blossom, intricately coated in a preserving glaze and trimmed with a pure edging of 24 karat gold. The result is a lavish and enduring memento of this important event and when it is presented in its own supplied prestigious leather case, it can be displayed prominently in the home as a lasting aide memoire of this special time. As this magnificent gift is available in a huge choice of colours, you can find your parents’ favourite shade or instead opt for ruby red, the traditional colour associated with the 15th wedding anniversary to cleverly combine two different themes of this anniversary year.
beautiful platinum rose